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In our 130th year, we are excited to introduce our new brand, designed to reflect the company Equity Trustees is today, while honouring the heritage that has made us strong.

The past two years have seen Equity Trustees regenerate to adapt to changing markets and client expectations. Our brand needed to transform to properly reflect what it means to be trusted, empathetic and professional as well as a contemporary specialist trustee company.

The result is a brand that honours our heritage, remains recognisable to our clients and partners who make success possible for us, and the introduction of some new distinctive elements that signify our energy and optimism for the future.

We’ve retained the Equity Trustees scales and our name, brought in a strong design element of curved brackets – representing the care and trust our clients place with Equity Trustees, and black and white photography. With a primary colour palette of blue and yellow, the blue links to our heritage, while the yellow adds a burst of energy with a modern twist.


Our Company has evolved into new and changing markets over the past years. It became clear that we needed to revisit the design of our brand and presentation to reflect who we are today.

Our new brand puts Equity Trustees firmly in today’s landscape; It is a relevant, modern development of our trusted brand. Equity Trustees is starting the next lap of its long life and the time is right to make a change as we begin our next 130 years.

My great grandfather, Edward Fanning, was Equity Trustees’ longest serving director (30 years) and Chairman for 22 of those (1888 – 1917). I am confident he would be proud to know that the Company he was a director of when it was established has thrived while being true to its core brand values of trust, empathy and professionalism.


When I was appointed to the role of Managing Director after serving on the Equity Trustees Board, one of my key aims was to bring the brand to life. To me, Equity Trustees is a brand synonymous with quality, professionalism and trust.

While our employees and our leadership had energy, enthusiasm and commitment to our clients, and those who invest in our Company, our brand didn’t reflect that. Nor did it reflect the warmth and empathy those who work at Equity Trustees bring to their client relationships and approach to service.

The past two years have seen Equity Trustees strengthen in our traditional markets, develop into new ones and take our first steps offshore. In short, we are changing and adapting. I am pleased to see our brand come to life with a rejuvenated look and feel, and a new energy that better reflects and represents our Company character, our ambition, our heritage and our strengths.