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Experienced asset management team with strong investment processes

Our primary objective is to maximise total returns through increasing tax-effective income streams and capital growth above inflation.

  • Tailored investment portfolio management for charitable, corporate and private clients.
  • Experienced team of 14 multi-asset class professionals providing end-to-end investment service.
  • Direct in-house asset management capability investing across key asset classes.
  • Scale and stability, combining institutional pricing with boutique style flexibility and a stable client base.
  • Bound by an extra level of fiduciary duty and compliance as a specialist trustee under the Corporations Act.
  • Strong risk management and governance framework, including two management committees which oversee client portfolios.
  • Engage a range of industry experts to augment our internal processes

Deep understanding of the for-purpose sector and tax-effective investing

  • We specialise in funds management for tax-exempt entities and structures.
  • We advise more than 250 individual philanthropic families and 650 charitable trusts and foundations, with approximately $2.5 billion[BS1][GM2] in funds under management.
  • We are a signatory to the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), which outlines our commitment to a global standard for responsible investing.

We are driven by strong values

  • Our strong and demonstrated commitment to driving positive social change through philanthropy commitments complements the values upon which the not-for-profit sector is built.
  • We are motivated by purpose and community impact; we value and inclusive and robust society
  • We understand the importance of building strength and resilience in not-for-profit organisations