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If you'd like to share your wealth but don't know where to start, our Giving Consultancy can help you establish your own personal giving strategy.

Giving can be done in so many different ways

From saving endangered animals to helping girls attend school, the opportunities to give in this world are almost endless.

Rather than just making a big donation to the first charity you feel strong about, we can help you create a powerful family legacy that could last for generations to come.

Explore your charitable aspirations and values

With over 130 years managing and distributing philanthropic funds, we not only have extensive experience in helping people give in the best way possible, we also have  a wide view over both local and international causes.

Our Giving Consultancy staff will help you establish your aspirations and values, so that together , we can create a strategy to help you give both now and into the future.

Create a comprehensive Giving Declaration

A Giving Declaration is a durable document that's the result of looking at your values, the types of causes that mean something to you, and how you'd like to see your philanthropy put into action.

  • Vision for sharing your wealth
  • Mission statement for what you wish to achieve
  • Style of giving and what a successful result will look like
  • Commitment to your chosen causes
  • Succession plan to see your giving continue into the future

Build a lasting family legacy

The philanthropy your're starting now could last for several lifetimes if setup correctly.

With a Giving Declaration in hand and a clear understanding of how you'd like to share your wealth, we'll advise you on structures to protect your giving as well as any risks you need to consider.

We want your donation to do as much good as possible, for as long as possible.

How Equity Trustees helps you give

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Speak with us today about giving

Want to find out how we can help you achieve your philanthropy goals? Speak with our experienced team today.