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Equity Trustees’ asset management team takes a prudent, disciplined and long-term approach to deliver investment outperformance.

We build portfolios in line with a strategic asset allocation framework that captures our clients’ investment objectives. This includes their investment return goals, risk appetites, and income and capital stability expectations.

Our portfolios are designed to:

• Manage downside risk while recognising the need to grow capital over the long-term to offset the impact of inflation.
• Consistently grow income streams that contribute to total portfolio return while also taking into account tax implications.
• Incorporate responsible investing criteria to manage investment risks and meet investors needs.

An active approach

While markets are efficient over the long term, they can be mispriced in the short term which creates investment opportunities. Our fundamental and systematic research, objective criteria and experience help us to identify these moments when markets are mispriced and apply this insight for the benefit of our clients.

We focus on finding quality assets that are reasonably priced which helps:

• Drive long-term capital growth.
• Deliver consistent income streams.
• Mitigate downside volatility and sequencing risk.

We take an active asset management approach to generate excess returns (alpha) when those returns outweigh implementation cost.
This disciplined process underpins low turnover portfolios that are both cost effective and tax efficient.