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EQT Cash Management Fund

The Fund is an actively managed portfolio which may consist of government and semi-government securities, bank deposits including negotiable certificates, at-call accounts, notice period accounts and term deposits, bank issued floating rate notes and/or fixed income securities and short-dated commercial paper.

Asset/Security Maximum term to maturity
Government and Semi Government securities 2 years
Bank deposits 2 years
Bank floating rate notes 397 days
Fixed Income securities 365 days


All securities within the Fund must be S&P Investment grade quality.

The Fund is designed for investors seeking a secure, liquid, short-term investment with a regular return of income (which is reinvested into additional units in the Fund).

Features and benefits of investing in the fund

Managed by the Equity Trustees Asset Management Team of investment professionals.
Exposure to a range of high quality cash, fixed income and money market securities
Capital stability
• A high allocation to liquid assets

Fund Objective The Fund aims to deliver returns in excess of the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (before fees) over 12 month rolling periods.
Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index.
Pricing & Liquidity Daily
Distribution Monthly
Fund Inception 30 February 1989
Management Fee 0.5%
Minimum Investment $5,000

  • Allister Lahood

    Alister Lahood
    Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Cash

    Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance, Diploma of Financial Markets and Diploma of Financial Advising

    Allister is responsible for co-managing high-quality Australian fixed income and cash portfolios and is also involved in the ongoing daily management of the Mortgage Income Fund. He has more than 15 years of experience in varied roles across the finance industry, having previously worked for eight years at the Treasury Corporation of Victoria, initially as a treasury dealer and later in an advisory capacity as treasury client relationship manager.

    Joined Equity Trustees: September 2019