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Estate Planning protects your family and assets

You've worked hard to build up your wealth and assets over the course of your life. Failing to plan adequately for their transfer to the next generation can cause unnecessary stress and financial hardship for your loved ones as well as erode a lifetime of hard-earned wealth. This is why estate planning is so important.

An estate plan may include:

is having a will enough?

A will does not cover all aspects of your estate: it only deals with physical assets. An estate plan takes into account your total wealth, including your superannuation, guardianship and business interests. It also specifies who should control your care and finances in the event you no longer have capacity to do so.

reviewing your plan

Once established, it’s important to keep your estate plan up-to-date. Your estate plan needs to reflect major changes in your life – such as having children, divorcing and remarrying, or purchasing property – to ensure it remains valid and that your loved ones are not disadvantaged. As a general rule, you should review your plan every three years.

plan your estate with australia's trusted experts

Our estate planning team consists of experienced and empathetic solicitors who specialise in estate planning.
We understand that it can be difficult contemplating death and the potential of losing capacity, and we are there to help you through the process.