The role of a superannuation trustee is increasingly acknowledged as vital to Australia’s complex system of financial oversight. The Financial Services Royal Commission highlighted the importance of the role of the trustee for all superannuation funds – and their members.

Recent market volatility and the impacts of COVID-19 – including unprecedented numbers accessing superannuation early, within an inherently complex regulatory environment – highlight the pivotal role of specialist superannuation trustees within a robust, secure superannuation system.

Funds under Equity Trustees trusteeship

Equity Trustees is currently trustee for a range of funds. View them here where you can visit each of the funds.

The Advantages of independence

With trusteeship our sole focus, Equity Trustees is steadily becoming recognised as Australia’s leading provider of independent superannuation trustee services.

Reduce your compliance burden
Equity Trustees’ public offer RSE licence allows us to act as Trustee for multiple funds. Our risk management approach is both a product of our mandated fiduciary role and part of our obligation to prioritise Member interests.
Reduce costs
Obtaining an RSE licence and resourcing a superannuation trustee is costly. Instead, access our economies of scale by accessing an RSE-licenced company with a specialist team in place and ready to go.

Use our specialist knowledge We have an outstanding team backed by more than 130 years’ of an experience as an Australian trustee. Encompassing all aspects of superannuation fund governance, the team has worked across diverse funds and been actively involved in the merger of many superannuation funds via successor fund transfers.

Benefit from independence We are one of the largest independent superannuation trustee services, overseeing superannuation funds and protecting Members’ interests and retirement hopes.
Maintain investment control By working closely with fund administrators, promoters and investment managers, our well defined investment governance processes ensure our members achieve quality outcomes without impacting the quality, timeliness and costs.
High  standard service
Equity Trustees maintains constructive relationships with all major superannuation service providers. With access to a range of specialists, we match you with the ideal provider for your fund.

What we do

As superannuation trustee, we work to establish clear lines of communication and SLAs before assuming administrative and regulatory responsibilities, leaving funds to focus on delivering member outcomes, pursuing growth and providing unrivalled service.

Using the commonly applied Three Lines of Defence model, we essentially take on the responsibilities of the Second Line of Defence.
This means our focus is on risk and compliance advice and policies, independent oversight of first Line of Defence, incident review and reporting and reporting of trends and themes. 

On a practical day to day level it includes:

• Acting as trustee in accordance with the trust deed and all relevant requirements
• Reporting to the relevant regulators (such as APRA, ATO) as required 
• Approving and sign annual documentation 
• Maintain the trust deed in accordance with relevant requirements
• Establish and maintain the risk management framework
• Review, approve and monitor investment objectives, strategies and implementation
• Oversee nominated investment arrangements to ensure ongoing compliance 
• Ensure contractual arrangements with outsourced service providers achieve compliance 
• Evaluate service providers’ performance to ensure contractual obligations are met 
• Arrange annual audits and liaise with auditor
• Make trustee determinations relating to death and disability claims (including insurance)
• Manage and respond to member complaints and enquiries in accordance with relevant requirements, with reference to guidelines issued by APRA, ASIC, or SCT/AFCA 
• Implement Anti-Money Laundering-Counter Terrorism Funding (AML-CTF) arrangements.   

Our team

The Equity Trustees team is a highly experienced group of professionals, each offering a unique perspective on the oversight of Superannuation. Encompassing respected professionals from diverse areas, the team draws on multiple areas of expertise to comprehensively fulfil our trustee role – including insurance and investment analysis, risk assessment, account management and case management.