Wills and Estate Planning

More than just a Will, an Estate Plan ensures that your wealth will be managed in accordance with your wishes, and that people in your charge are cared for appropriately.

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Executor Services

Due to our long history in estate administration, we’re often chosen by people as an additional Executor to an estate or in the instance where there is no one available to act as one or in a need for independence

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Trustee Services

Trusts are valuable structures for protecting and transferring wealth. Assets are held in trust by a person or organisation (the trustee) to provide ongoing financial support to other individuals or organisations (the beneficiaries), such as family members, Indigenous communities and charitable organisations.

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Wealth Management and Investments

Equity Trustees has a long history of structuring, advising on, and protecting wealth for Australians.

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Helping you to build a comprehensive service offering for your clients.

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We work with you to define your philanthropic legacy, your giving goals and advise the appropriate structures.

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