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Sometimes known as a ‘living Will’, an Advance Care Directive is a legal document that formally records your wishes for future medical and health care. 

It comes into effect only in the event you become incapable of making your own decisions or communicating them.

Advance Care Directives can contain a wide variety of information, from specific health conditions and allergies to spiritual or cultural beliefs that may affect how you are cared for. 

Critically, they act as your ‘future voice’, informing those around you what sort of treatment you would want or not want. Often, this includes specific preferences around medical treatment, palliative care, life support and organ donation.

An Advance Care Directive has different names and meanings in each state and territory in Australia.  Depending on where you are located, the Advance Care Directive may be set out in a document or included in the Enduring Powers of Attorney (Medical) or-appointments of Enduring Guardian.

how can we help?

While no trustee company is licensed to act as someone's medical attorney or guardian, we can assist you with the preparation of Advanced Care Directives, Enduring Powers of Attorney (Medical) and Appointments of Enduring Guardian.

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