Equity Trustees is one of the largest providers of philanthropic giving in Australia, responsible for distributing more than $80 million of philanthropic money to our community annually.

An important part of our commitment to philanthropy and deepening our impact in the community includes our own Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation.

Our Charitable Foundation

Established in 2001, the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation was established as part of our commitment to empowering change through philanthropy.

Our Board has committed a portion of profits over the years to the Foundation, and our employees, investors, clients and partners are also encouraged to support the Foundation.

Since 2001, we have provided more than $1 million to charitable causes we care about – with our people involved in how we distribute those funds. The funds available each year are divided between, and align with, the four key granting areas of our overall
philanthropic granting program:

Workplace Volunteering and Giving Program

In addition to giving money, we also value the giving of time and skills to the community.


All permanent employees can take paid leave of one full day or two half-days each year to take part in an activity which meets our Volunteer Leave guidelines.


Employees have the opportunity to donate money to our selected charities (via our Foundation) from pre-tax salary under a salary sacrifice arrangement, with Equity Trustees matching all employee donations uncapped. The charities supported in each program area are voted on by all employees and reviewed every two years. The charities selected in 2020 for two years are outlined below.


You can join us and keep our Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation strong by making a donation. It’s a simple, cost effective way to make a gift that will benefit generations of Australians Contact Us
If you are an Equity Trustees shareholder, you can donate all or part of your dividend payment to the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Contact Link Market Services at https://investorcentre.linkmarketservices.com.au/Login/Login
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