Equity Trustees is one of the largest providers of philanthropic giving in Australia, responsible for distributing more than $80 million of philanthropic money to our community annually.

An important part of our commitment to philanthropy and deepening our impact in the community includes our own Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation.

Our Charitable Foundation

Established in 2001, the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation was established as part of our commitment to empowering change through philanthropy.

Our Board has committed a portion of profits over the years to the Foundation, and our employees, investors, clients and partners are also encouraged to support the Foundation.

Since 2001, we have provided more than $1 million to charitable causes we care about – with our people involved in how we distribute those funds. The funds available each year are divided between, and align with, the four key granting areas of our overall
philanthropic granting program:

Workplace Volunteering and Giving Program

In addition to giving money, we also value the giving of time and skills to the community.


All permanent employees can take paid leave of one full day or two half-days each year to take part in an activity which meets our Volunteer Leave guidelines.


Employees have the opportunity to donate money to our selected charities (via our Foundation) from pre-tax salary under a salary sacrifice arrangement, with Equity Trustees matching all employee donations uncapped. The charities supported in each program area are voted on by all employees and reviewed every two years. The charities selected in 2018 are outline below.


You can join us and keep our Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation strong by making a donation. It’s a simple, cost effective way to make a gift that will benefit generations of Australians Contact Us
If you are an Equity Trustees shareholder, you can donate all or part of your dividend payment to the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Contact Link Market Services at https://investorcentre.linkmarketservices.com.au/Login/Login
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    Medical Research and Health

    First Step Program

    First Step is unique in Australia, possibly the world, as a wrap-around addiction and mental health outpatient clinic with a fully integrated legal service. Over 17 years they have built a reputation for compassion and excellence in clinical care with wrap-around services that focus on the physical, mental and social well-being of our patients. They strive to be highly accessible, with services provided free of charge in the heart of St Kilda, and specialise not only in supporting people with a dependence on drugs or alcohol, but also their families and the wider community. The First Step family includes GPs, hepatitis C specialists, mental health nurses, drug and alcohol workers, psychologists, care coordinators, caseworkers, educators and psychiatrists, caring for clients with complex histories such as out-of-home care, early school leaving, abuse and neglect. 

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    Animals and Environment

    Lort Smith Animal Hospital 

    North Melbourne-based Lort Smith is the busiest animal hospital in Australia, with 63 vets and 96 vet nurses providing high-quality veterinary care for over 20,000 animals per year. The Hospital has 11 wards, including an exotic and native wildlife unit. The Lort Smith Adoption Centre cares for animals undergoing medical treatment and also provides shelter and fostering services for surrendered animals before finding them a new home. Lort Smith’s Community Outreach programs include a 440 strong volunteer program, a Companion Animal Loss Support Group and an extensive Pet Therapy program. As a not-for-profit organisation, it receives no ongoing government funding and relies heavily on generous donations by the public.

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    Children and Young People

    The Mirabel Foundation

    Mirabel is the vision of Jane Rowe, who, in her work as a drug and alcohol counsellor, witnessed the devastating effects that drug use has on the children of drug users as well as the cycle of abuse that repeats itself through generations if action is not taken. Mirabel provides advocacy, referral, research, practical and emotional assistance to affected children and their kinship carers. They lead the way in providing a community response to these families and reducing the stigma and isolation they experience. Currently, Mirabel is supporting 1,500+ children and young people throughout Victoria and New South Wales – “the most profoundly overlooked casualties of substance abuse in our society”.

  • Aged and Aged Care thumbnail 552 x 331

    Ageing and Aged Care


    Wintringham is a Victorian-based not-for-profit welfare company specialising in the housing and care of older people who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness. Awarded by the UN, they are an international leader in providing an environment where individuality is respected and honoured and where all receive their rightful entitlement to support and care in a place they call home. The company honours the name of Tiny Wintringham, a homeless man who resided at the original Gordon House – one of Victoria's notorious night shelters – in Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

  • Womens Health and Family Services thumnail V3 552 x 331

    In 2018 employees also voted to include a social justice cause

    Womens Health and Family Services

    Womens Health & Family Services (WHFS) is a not-for-profit organisation which has been providing services for Western Australian women since 1977. Programs and Services at WHFS include medical, counselling, drug and alcohol support, domestic violence, mental health and other health services for women and their families. These are open to all WA women, including Aboriginal women, migrant and refugee women, and their families. Creche facilities and interpreting services are also available.