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Equity Trustees has two distinct international offerings for investors:

  1. A multi-manager approach using a small number of actively-managed international equity funds with responsible investment overlay.
  2. A unique Fund that invests in industry specific ETFs and stocks listed on international stock exchanges to gain exposure to global industries which are not available in Australia, such as robotics and cyber-security. 

EQT Responsible Investment
Global Share Fund

  • A multi-manager offering which gains exposure to a wide range of international share markets through fund managers that are assessed as possessing superior capability in investment processes and that integrate responsible investing principles in compliance with EQT’s Responsible Investment Policy.
  • The Fund is designed for long-term investors seeking exposure to a diversified investment in international share markets and strong capital growth over the long-term.  
  • Equity Trustees actively selects investment managers utilising a robust internal research process.


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EQT Eight Bays Global Fund

  • The Fund is designed to provide exposure to an actively-managed portfolio of global securities, primarily through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and stocks that are listed on stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.
  • The Fund is designed for investors with a high-risk tolerance seeking medium to long-term capital growth potential, coupled with a rising income stream payable from the dividends of the underlying securities and ETFs. 
  • Investors will gain access to global industries and world leading companies that are not well represented in the Australian share market such as Information Technology, Semiconductors, Smart Grid Infrastructure, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.