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What do the last 100 funds launched in Australia by the largest provider of independent RE services in the past year have in common?
Or not? What was the critical factor to those that were the most successful?

Join us for a special Equity Trustees’ Corporate Trustee Services (CTS) webinar for investment and fund managers to learn the answers.

Analysis based on The 100 funds launched in the past 12 months from Australia’s leading trustee company with oversight of some of the most innovative and growing investment funds, revealing:

• Which fund purpose types received the greatest fund inflows

Which ones attracted the quickest inflows

Those that received the least
Fund types / structures that are gaining ground and which ‘same old same olds’ are still going strong, and

What’s complicating things for fund managers and investors.

This event will be held online, 8am on 25 May 2022

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