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When Emma* received an unexpected inheritance, she feared it would derail the independent life she had set up, until Equity Trustees offered to help.

An inheritance can change people’s lives for the better. But when a family member died, leaving Emma a proportion of their assets, it only triggered anxiety and fear.

“She was really scared about the impact of receiving this inheritance – she's diagnosed with anxiety disorder and is also autistic – so she felt very overwhelmed about what was to come,” says Equity Trustees Private Client Adviser, Trustee and Wealth Services, Sandy Wong.

“She really didn't want the money because she felt it was going to create more trouble than it’s worth, and was afraid she would get kicked out of her public housing.”

It was Equity Trustees Estate Manager, Clerice Tutty, who first realised the impact the inheritance was having on Emma. She introduced Emma to Sandy who could provide financial guidance.

Sandy contacted the government organisation which managed Emma’s public housing and Centrelink to provide more information.

“We identified strategies that we could employ that would mean she would essentially be able to continue living where she was, as well as not have any impact on her disability support pension, which she was quite relieved of.

“The relationship is much more than just strategy and investment. The best thing that she took from it was she felt the money could be used for private dental health work and she really wanted to buy a new computer. Everything else, she wanted to put away.”

Emma engaged Equity Trustees to manage her assets on an ongoing basis and, as per her wishes, not inundate her with too much financial information. She has the confidence that her money is there when she needs it.

With a holistic suite of advice, Emma’s inheritance has had a positive impact on his family’s life – just as the family member who left her the inheritance would have wanted.

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* Name changed to protect privacy.