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We were so uplifted to hear the update from Paul Barcham, Development Manager at MITS - Melbourne Indigenous Transition School last week on how they were going with adapting to a learning from home model for their indigenous students –we wanted to share this video about how they’ve made the change work for everyone. 

Paul told us that the ongoing support of trusts such as the William Buckland Foundation and the Hugh D. T. Williamson Foundation was incredibly important to their sense of security and positivity: ‘We are in a strong position to ride this downturn through. We’ve been financially prudent and with the long term support of a few large charitable trusts we are in a really great space. These philanthropic partnerships will remain crucial to our ongoing growth as we support more students in the years ahead’. 

Pictured is James (MITS student from Bairnsdale) receiving a new laptop from Ryan (MITS Head of Education) who made his way out to Gippsland to make sure the students have everything they need for remote learning (making sure social distancing was still strictly adhered to even after a long journey).  

Take a look at how the MITS - Melbourne Indigenous Transition School have moved to learning from home.

MITS student from Bairnsdale 1200 x 600