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AbilityMade is a social enterprise on the path towards sustainability

Many philanthropists are adding impact investing to their toolkit, along with traditional philanthropic funding. Impact investments are financial, social and or/environmental returns that are measured and considered.

Medical technology company AbilityMade is a social enterprise on the path towards sustainability after the William Buckland Foundation pledged $150,000 as part of a $1.02 million convertible note capital raising.

AbilityMade has been receiving grant funding from trusts associated with Equity Trustees since 2017, beginning with an initial grant from the Percy & Ruby Haddy Foundation. The William Buckland Foundation began supporting the company in 2019, which supported the early expansion of the model to Victoria.

“The Trustees of the William Buckland Foundation were motivated to help AbilityMade make the often difficult transition from a largely philanthropic and government funded organisation to be self-sufficient through its social enterprise model by bridging this funding gap and providing funding where the impact to the organisation is greatest,” William Buckland Foundation Lead, Ferdi Hepworth, said.

AbilityMade uses digital tools and workflows that utilise machine learning and 3D printing to produce lower limb orthoses – a critical need globally. Revenue is growing quickly as the company continues to expand in Australia and, more recently, the US market.

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