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In August 2020, Relationship Managers Will Beresford and Denise Cheng shared practical steps to facilitate your philanthropy journey to be more targeted, have greater impact and reduce any stress around the giving process come June 2021.

They discussed:

• The charitable sector landscape
• Strategy for your philanthropy
• How to incorporate the impact of disasters in your giving
• Family philanthropy giving tools.

The one-hour webinar was recorded and can be viewed here 

Refreshing your strategy

Has it been a while since you and your family reviewed your giving strategy? Or maybe you have been considering how to involve your next generation in your philanthropy?

Now is the time to reach out to your Relationship Manager and talk about your strategy and whether you are on track to delivering on your giving mission.  With eight months before grants need to be distributed to your chosen beneficiaries, it is a great opportunity to review your strategy and connect with existing charities or learn about others that match your philanthropic goals.

Getting the paperwork sorted

In our recent webinar, we spoke about the importance of having the correct documents in place to ensure your philanthropic legacy continues in the way you intend.

1. When you are updating your estate plan, remember to ask your Relationship Manager for our standard will clauses which ensures that your structured giving vehicle is reflected correctly in your will.

2. A letter of wishes is a document that is kept on file, independent of your estate plans.  This is an important document to ensure that we know the reasons why you’ve chosen the area or organisation you’re giving to. Should the charity you currently support, not exist in 100 years, we’ll turn back to this document to help us find a suitable and relevant replacement organisation.  And if you decide, this document can help guide the direction of the giving, once the time comes for any nominated successors to continue your legacy.

3. If you’re providing your nominated successor with full authority to direct the giving after you have gone, your Relationship Manager should be provided with their details.  These successors, at the time you designate, will have full access to the support of your Relationship Managers.  They will have access to thought leadership and networking opportunities around the for-purpose sector, inter-generational giving and social impact.

Contact your Relationship Manager for the appropriate forms to complete the important documentation around your giving legacy.