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Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria, rescuing neglected and abused horses 

Even though horses don’t suffer from the same type of image issue as cats, the sad reality is that too many of these majestic animals are currently being mistreated or abused. 

Equity Trustees works with Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria (PHHWV), a non-profit organisation that rescues and rehomes neglected and abused horses surrendered into their care. 

“We believe that every horse deserves to live a good life, and be safe and cared for,” says Kathryn Wren, president of PHHWV. 

Securing donations with the help of Equity Trustees is essential for PHHWV to continue its essential equine work. “Without donations, Project Hope simply would not be able to support its state-based network of horses requiring care.”

Recently, Equity Trustees facilitated a relationship between PHHWV and the Kathleen Agnes Back Estate. It resulted in two years of funding support for the charity’s Equine Crisis Relief fund. 

Wren says the money has enabled PHHWV to upgrade its systems, tools and equipment to help improve animal welfare. 

“If it were not for Equity Trustees, we would not have had the opportunity to raise much-needed funds. We are extremely grateful.

“The funding has directly supported the welfare of the horses under our care. It’s been life-changing for the organisation.”