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Let us take care of your tax for you

We can provide services tailored to your particular circumstances to help you navigate Australia's complex tax system - Lawfully, ethically. efficiently and in your best interests.

We have 130 years expertise in managing the taxation affairs of:

  • Individual clients
  • Deceased estates
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Inter vivos trusts (trusts set up during one's lifetime)

Our Services

Equity Trustees is a registered and licensed tax agent. We operate independently of, or in conjunction with, Equity Trustees range of products. Our taxation services include:

  • Portfolio reconstructions to rebuild capital gains tax cost bases from incomplete share histories
  • Bespoke tax advice to assist with the management, or reduction of, potential taxation liabilities
  • Ongoing tax compliance including preparation and lodgement of income tax returns, business and instalment activity statements, and withholding tax obligations

Capital gains tax record reconstruction

Good information always leads to better decision making. Often individual investors, beneficiaries or executors are faced with the shoe box of information that has been accumulated over time with asset purchase, sales, and holding information.  Worse still, there may be no such information available at all.

Equity Trustees can assist to collate, analyse, and reconstruct a complete investment asset history record for capital gains tax purposes.

Our simple to read, comprehensive asset history report will show:

  • Asset purchase details, dates and cost bases
  • Corporate actions such as bonus issues, demergers, return of capital, etc
  • Cost adjustments from property trust distributions

Not only does our capital gains tax record reconstruction report provide vital information to allow for better informed, and tax saving, decisions on the assets now and into the future, it also has the potential to create a more efficient, and potentially money saving, tax compliance process.

Bespoke tax advice

The choices made by individuals, beneficiaries or executors can have tax consequences that may adversely increase tax liabilities or affect inheritances for many years to come.

We can assist all taxpayers to be fully informed of the tax implications of any choices they make. Our registered tax agents can work to understand the current taxation position and advise on the best way to manage investments to reduce potential taxation liabilities.

Important taxation matters that executors and beneficiaries should be aware of include:

  • Tax consequences of decisions to transfer or sell estate assets.
  • How tax can be triggered on the disposal of principal residences and investment properties.
  • The advantages of selecting particular share and managed fund parcels to reduce capital gains tax when deciding to sell inherited assets.
  • How the taxable income of the estate is shared between the estate and its beneficiaries.
  • How charitable giving can be used to reduce tax payable because of an inheritance.
  • The tax consequences of assets held by non-residents.

Ongoing tax compliance services

Equity Trustees can help individuals, beneficiaries or executors prepare and lodge income tax returns as well as business and instalment activity statements, and non-resident taxation obligations.

As a registered tax agent, we will ensure that income tax returns are accurately prepared to include taxable income, capital gains or losses, as well as tax credits that may arise.

The advantages of using Equity Trustees to prepare your income tax return are:

  • Extended tax return lodgement deadlines that may extend to May of the following year.
  • Having a direct relationship with the Australian Taxation Office should the need arise.
  • Peace of mind in knowing an experienced team of professionals is looking after your tax affairs.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of the tax compliance requirements of deceased estates and inheritances.