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An elderly client was in a frantic state when she called us following her husband’s passing. He had handled all their financial and legal affairs throughout their 53-year marriage, including arranging for their Wills to be done by ANZ Trustees. She had located a copy of his Will, which listed ANZT as executor, but wasn’t aware Equity Trustees had taken over ANZT a few years ago and didn’t know where to begin!

From our initial teleconference, we began to build rapport as well as a friendship. I undertook some of the tasks not normally done by the executor, such as assisting to transfer joint property: I kept thinking ‘how would I like my nanna to feel after losing pop?’

The client would give me a call to check in on small details, such as whether a random phone call she’d received was a scam or to ask my opinion about his memorial – as our fees are flat-rate, it didn’t matter if she called me twice or 20 times, which I know she found reassuring.

She said that even though she didn’t have children, she’d hope her own granddaughter would be just like me. It was my pleasure to be able to take away some of her concerns while she was dealing with her grief. Though it’s something we face nearly every day, we always remember that everyone grieves differently and to be sensitive to the individual situation.

-Teghan Rawson, Estate Manager, Melbourne

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