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In a previous article we interviewed Annie, a long-time worker at Wintringham, who discussed the work the organisation does in providing housing and a sense of community to elderly Victorians experiencing disadvantage.

Like the man affectionately known as ‘Little John’ to his friends.

John was born in Echuca, oldest brother to four younger siblings. After their Mum died in 1935, their Dad relocated the family to Melbourne for work opportunities.

They lived in the St Kilda area, where John attended school before he got his first job in engraving. After that he worked as a proof reader as well as a delivery van driver.

John became closely involved with the St Kilda Football Club, assisting with the under-17s matches as a time-keeper and umpire, his enthusiasm and passion inspiring his peers to get involved in the club.

His passion for the game and the Saints is just as strong today, demonstrated by the variety of footy-themed collectables around his home.

John was also an avid movie fan, attending the local drive-ins as well as the local dances, where (he’s not too shy to say) he was great at holding a tune.

Eventually John left Melbourne to head back north, relocating in Shepparton and working as a printer at the local Shepparton News for 28 years, residing in an old unit he’d purchased from the Office of Housing.

When John heard about the Alexander Miller homes, he applied. The local manager at the time knew that a vacancy was coming up and held it for John while he sold his unit.

John loved his new home – and was happy when around five years later, Wintringham purchased the Miller properties and updated them into the modern residences they are now.

John is still happily living there, and has become an avid green-thumb who loves to share his knowledge and knack for gardening with other residents.

Thanks to Wintringham and the Alexander Miller Estate, dozens of elderly Victorians like John not only have a roof over their heads but are able to live out their senior years with the security and comfort everyone needs and deserves at that stage of life.

Equity Trustees is proudly associated with both Wintringham and the Alexander Miller Estate.