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007 Moss body copyWhen Victorian investor and financier Harry Moss was writing his Will, he decided that after providing for his daughter and employees he wanted to make a lasting contribution to a broader good. But instead of simply giving the rest of his wealth away in a bequest or donation, he instructed for the creation of a charitable trust that would pay an income in perpetuity (forever) to a Melbourne institution that is much revered - especially by the people who have been there and experienced care and treatment there : the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The £1 million capital that Mr Moss left in 1960 has grown to be worth more than $79 million today. Mr Moss’ long term thinking meant that the RCH now receives a financial contribution each and every year worth more than the entire original value of the Trust.

Since its establishment some 80 years ago, the Harry Lyon Moss Fund has funnelled more than $40 million to the RCH supporting specialised medical research into children's illnesses and conditions, excellence in leadership and training, progressive technology and the highest standard of care.