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Turner Family  George Turner

Equity Trustees has a long and honourable tradition of serving families down through the generations.

 Scottish-born George Argo Turner, was an engineer by training, lured to the Antipodes to work for CSR in Fiji’s burgeoning sugar industry in the late 1800s - around the same time Equity Trustees was  established in Victoria.

George was travelling home for holidays when he met Margaret Thomson, daughter of a New Zealand sea captain, and they married in 1883. George's work in Australia first took him north to far North Queensland to set up a sugar mill in Ingham, before moving south to more hospitable climes (for a Scotsman) to the sugar refinery in Melbourne's Yarraville.

Over his illustrious career, George built a considerable estate, leaving its management to Equity Trustees for the benefit of his six children and their offspring. Today, his descendants are still with Equity Trustees, a relationship that has lasted nearly as long as the company itself.

Pic: Major George Turner - 1996 annual report