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When John Hampden Crutch joined Equity Trustees in September 1939, World War Two had just erupted with Germany’s invasion of Poland.

When the war spread to the Pacific in December 1941 after Japan launched a surprise airborne strike on the US naval base in Hawaii, John, like others in the firm, put down their pens and took up arms.

He saw active service in New Guinea and Bougainville, scenes of some of the bloodiest combat Australian soldiers saw during the war. Returning to civilian life, John re-joined Equity Trustees in the accounts department where he held several positions, while studying accountancy and real estate valuing.

In 1965 he was appointed company secretary, and, four years later, on the retirement of Robert Money, was appointed joint General Manager with George Legg, a position he assumed in his own right in 1971 when George retired.

John held the position until his retirement in September 1989, just one year shy of a half century of service. John, who was highly respected for his integrity and approach to business, was also actively involved in volunteer charitable work.