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Rolls Family  John Thomas Rolls

That old saying, "blood is thicker than water", is very apt when it comes to Equity Trustees. Serving generations of families, is a defining theme in the Equity Trustees story over the past 130 years with family and company histories entwined. 

Take, for example, the Rolls/Henty family: John Thomas Rolls was among the original shareholders when the company was formed in 1888, and he later appointed the company to manage his estate. 

John married Mary Ann, and their estate was eventually divided among their four children. One of their sons, John, became a master mariner, (and had two children), and daughter Muriel married Gordon Henty from a pioneer Portland family in Victoria's south-west.

Longevity runs in their veins. Master mariner John's wife, Elizabeth, or "Mother" Rolls as she was better known, lived to 98. Their daughter Muriel was 97 not out when she was quoted in the 1996 Equity Trustees annual report recalling visits to Equity Trustees with her mother: “We put on hat and gloves and were shown into the manager’s office. We felt so important and came away reassured." 

Today, descendants of the Rolls/Henty clans are still using the services of Equity Trustees.

Pic: Captain John Rolls - 1996 annual report