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Equity Trustees, helping active philanthropists with the knowledge they need 

The importance of good mental health has been gaining attention in recent years, but the area still doesn’t receive as much support as others.

A rising number of active philanthropists have seen the debilitating effects of poor mental health on family and friends and are starting to change the situation. Equity Trustees is helping to empower them with the knowledge they need..

“Most of us know someone affected by mental health issues and it is going to be a big cost to our society, so it was an area that we felt needed more research,” one active philanthropist who established a structured giving vehicle with Equity Trustees.

The mental health sector is complex and it’s not always clear where funding can make the most difference. Government support is largely aimed at crisis intervention rather than programs to support ongoing wellbeing. Ongoing and meaningful philanthropic funding can support the stability of the mental health sector, allowing for the provision of important preventative resources for all Australians.

“Equity Trustees informed us about the Thompson Institute when we mentioned that mental health was on our radar,” the philanthropist said.

The University of the Sunshine Coast’s Thompson Institute is a hub for mental health research, teaching and clinical services.

“This ticked all the boxes for us as it is research into mental health and is being carried out in our local area. Supporting charities locally to us is important.”

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