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RSPCA Victoria, improving the welfare of our feline friends

Animal welfare organisations improve the welfare of neglected animals, including cats and horses, but it’s life-changing work that costs money. 

Our feline friends have a huge image problem – or at least, there’s a problem with the way some humans perceive and treat cats. 

“Unfortunately, people don't value cats like they value dogs,” says Philanthropy Manager for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Victoria, Sarah Kimball. 

“It’s really sad, but only 7% of lost cats are reclaimed by their owners compared to 53% of dogs.”

The result is that many cats end up on the street living horrible lives. “There's a really big issue with the number of unhomed cats in Victoria.”

This is where RSPCA Victoria comes in. By early next year, it will have completed building a new Cat and Small Animal facility on the Mornington Peninsula to desex and rehome more cats in loving forever homes.

“The new building will be a welcoming space that will send a subliminal message to visitors about the value of cats – they are deserving of loving homes, just like any other creature.” 

The charity is currently running a capital campaign to fund the new building’s interior fit-out, featuring open play areas for cats and kittens, and meet and greet rooms for adoptions. 

Recently, Equity Trustees helped connect RSPCA Victoria and the Hazel and Arthur Bruce and Elizabeth Mary William trusts that are contributing to the campaign. 

“Investing in this new facility will be a great legacy. It’s going to give thousands of cats a second chance at happiness.”