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A chance meeting sparks Daniel's own philanthropic journey

Daniel Raumer wasn’t a friend or colleague of Charles Viertel.

But a chance meeting with his fellow Queenslander – who bequeathed more than $60 million to medical research in 1992 – was enough to spark Dan’s own philanthropic journey.

Dan recognised a kindred spirit in Charlie: both were frugal, from humble beginnings, accountants – and built much of their wealth on the stock market. So much so, that rather than set up his own foundation,

Dan pledged the bulk of his wealth to the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation.

It was a landmark decision, that demonstrated his benevolence and humility; one which ensures his money will be used efficiently by building on the Viertel’s existing legacy.

Dan was born during World War II and raised on a sugar cane farm in Innisfail until his father died. His widowed mother had to sell the farm and find work to raise Dan and his two siblings Rita and Len. He eventually became an electrician, working at the Mount Isa Mines, where he also joined the mines fire services.

While he never married or had children, he lived a full life, travelling the world with friends and working abroad. At 25 years of age, he sailed to the United Kingdom on the “Fairsky” with a couple of mates where they bought an old London Black Cab and travelled Europe and North Africa over six months.

His success in investing (first in property, then in stocks) allowed him to retire at just 34 years of age, although to relieve boredom he often went back to work, even completing an accountancy course to better manage his investments.

He enjoyed playing bowls and bridge and never made a show of his wealth. At the age of 79, he bequeathed his significant residuary estate of approximately $6 million to the Viertel Foundation.

The Viertel Foundation is one of Australia’s largest philanthropic foundations, primarily funding medical research, and the important work of Cancer Council Queensland, Queensland Eye Institute, and The Salvation Army in Queensland. 

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