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QEIF working to save sight since 1965

In the heart of South Brisbane lies the home of the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation (QEIF), Queensland’s largest independent academic research institute devoted to eye health and diseases. Formerly known as the Prevent Blindness Foundation, QEIF has been working to save sight since 1965.

The institute integrates education and research with clinical care to work towards its goal of improving eye health.
“It is important that our researchers are in close proximity to the patients they are trying to help, and for our clinicians to be part of the research that helps their patients. Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment or cure. Saving sight and improving the quality of life of those in the community is what we are all about,” says Professor Mark Radford, Executive Director and CEO of QEIF.

Research is conducted within the QEIF laboratories and clinical trials units with both local and international collaborators. Ultimately, researchers aim to improve eye health in the community and discover better treatments and cures for eye disease through understanding and early detection. Current projects focus on genetic eye disease, ophthalmic bioengineering and biomaterials, ocular diagnostic devices and integrative clinical epidemiology.
Educational seminars and programs are available at QEIF for medical students, ophthalmic registrars, local optometrists and research fellows. Public seminars raise awareness of specific eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Clinical care is provided in the integrated QEI ophthalmology clinics in both South Brisbane and Clayfield. A team of world class ophthalmic specialists cater to patients of varying ages, backgrounds and conditions. Surgical procedures are also conducted in house at QEIF’s partner organisation, the South Bank Day Hospital.
As an independent not-for-profit organisation, QEIF’s survival depends on the generosity of those in the community. Sustainable funding generously provided by the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation allows QEIF to continue conducting important research and education programs.
Community events such as 2019’s Last Seen Exhibition to Save Sight aim to raise awareness and funds for vital medical research. 

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