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philanthropic donations help Documentary Australia Foundation to continue important work. 

“In these fractured times, stories that provide depth, perspective and understanding are more important than ever. My family Public Ancillary Fund is excited to contribute to an initiative that will allow the important work of Documentary Australia Foundation to continue into the future.” - Andrew Myer AM

Documentaries are a powerful and at times emotional way of persuading an audience to change their perception on an issue, increase awareness and inspire action.

Documentary Australia Foundation is the only not-for-profit organisation focused on documenting important stories to ensure they are told, seen, used and achieve an impact.
Their unique model supports independent documentary filmmakers to tell the story.  And around the story, Documentary Australia Foundation builds an Impact Partner Network, and together create a strategy that inspires meaningful action. 

The network is a powerful coalition of partners – activitists, educators, change-makers, community organisations – who use the documentary in their own way to create impact and push for social change.  Films are made to be seen – so the committed partners within an Impact Partner Network will facilitate a documentary screening, bringing an issue to life for an audience.  This then inspires a dialogue within the community about driving change.

Documentary Australia Foundation supports social change across seven impact areas: 

Health & Wellbeing
Human Rights & Social Justice
The Arts 
Women & Girls
Youth & Education

Over the last decade, hundreds of documentary storytellers have participated in Documentary Australia Foundation’s specialist workshops, building their capacity around impact, evaluation and fundraising. One-on-one support, mentoring and advice are services also available for independent filmmakers.

Documentary Australia Foundation also support diversity in filmmaking through targeted programs such as and Indigenous Fellowship to support First Nation documentary filmmakers, SheDoc, supporting women filmmakers and their focus on Human Rights/Social Justice, Health and Wellbeing and diversity of opportunity within the Youth and Education area.

With the help of philanthropic donations, well over 500 documentary projects and their impact campaigns have been funded, ensuring independent voices are empowered to tell their stories and explore issues that are often misunderstood, forgotten or ignored. 

Impact is amplified year on year.  Philanthropists who offer a multi-year pledge to Documentary Australia Foundation this financial year, will be matched by a group of committed funders up to $100k over the next three years.

Support will allow the Foundation to curate a diverse range of thought-provoking documentaries in the impact area of the philanthropist’s choice, and develop strong Impact Partner Networks around each story to shift attitudes and accelerate change.

For more information, visit Documentary Australia.

This organisation is supported by trusts managed by Equity Trustees.