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We’re a proud Principal Partner of Me and UooUoo: The Royal Children’s Hospital 150th Anniversary Art Trail

We hope you will be a part of this incredible installation that is set to take over the streets, parks and public spaces of Melbourne and Geelong this summer.

Equity Trustees and our employees have been closely watching our adopted UooUoo, Rainbow Dreaming, come to life in the talented hands of young Bendigo artist Sharlee Dunolly-Lee (pictured at work, right).

Sharlee is one of 100 artists selected to be a part of the Art Trail. A Dja Dja Warrung woman, she is a descendant of famous Aboriginal rights activist Thomas Dunolly and has in recent years begun to explore her Indigenous heritage through her art.

“We are delighted to be sponsoring the Art Trail and helping to celebrate the incredible work The Royal Children’s Hospital has done in Victoria in the last 150 years” said Mick O’Brien, Managing Director of Equity Trustees. 

Equity Trustees was established 20 years after The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne. The population of the city in the 20 year period had almost doubled to around 440,000 people, with both institutions having their work cut out for them during the boom period that saw Melbourne become one of the largest – and richest – cities in the world.

The two organisations are also connected through philanthropy, with Equity Trustees managing one of the largest philanthropic portfolios in Australia.
“Since the beginning, we have been responsible for passing on funds on behalf of our clients past and present. In just the past three years Equity Trustees has distributed funds to the RCH on behalf of 63 charitable trusts, thanks to our philanthropic clients,” said Mr O’Brien.

Sharlee’s Rainbow Dreaming UooUoo will be featured in a prominent Melbourne place, and Equity Trustees looks forward to unveiling the location in the coming months.

More about the Art Trail and our partnership can be found at 

Photos by Sharlee Dunolly-Lee.

Me and UooUoo  Sharlee Dunolly painting 1200x400