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Twelve months ago, Equity Trustees sat down with Caitlin, her older sister and her mum to better understand their philanthropic intentions.  Relatively new to structured giving, they completed the Giving Consultancy process with their Relationship Manager.

One of the key outcomes for Caitlin, who has taken an active role in driving her family’s philanthropy was greater clarity around the family’s giving objectives.  

Prior to the Giving Consultancy process, distributions had been without clear direction or regularity.  The process also reinforced Caitlin and her family’s desire to do more than just give financial assistance.  They were all eager to build a relationship with chosen beneficiaries and better understand the impact of their contribution.

Reflecting on her family’s giving strategy, Caitlin nominated National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) to receive grants from her family’s fund.

One of the unexpected positives from COVID19 has been the rapid adoption of technology by businesses globally, including for-purpose organisations.

Zoom video calls are the new normal and technology has allowed Caitlin to connect directly with the researchers she’ll be supporting in the coming year, and learn more about their projects:

• Associate Professor Amanda Spurdle from QIMR is looking into the genetic variants in the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes causing breast cancer  
• Associate Professor Theresa Hickey from University of Adelaide, funded by NBCF is exploring new ways to attack the most aggressive breast cancers.

A/Prof Spurdle told Caitlin: “it is truly humbling to know that your family chose my project”.

For Caitlin, hearing directly from the researchers brought life to what was previously a mere research project title.  Understanding the potential impact of their work has reinforced her commitment to the cause area of breast cancer research.  

The value of passion is one of the pillars of Caitlin and her family’s giving strategy; excitement and engagement with a cause is fundamental to their family’s approach to philanthropy and the online meeting with QIMR and NBCF was just the start of the engagement process.