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As we all stay at home, observing social distancing, and perhaps having time to think about things differently, now might be time to think deeply about your philanthropic strategy.

One of our most recent active philanthropists, Andrew, decided to begin his philanthropic journey by engaging Equity Trustees to assist in developing his philanthropic strategy. Andrew wanted to involve his school-aged children in a discussion about their family values, their philanthropic mission and which types of charities and charitable programs would be meaningful to them.

Working with one of our Relationship Managers, Andrew and his children embarked on a two-hour discussion about what they wanted to achieve with their philanthropy.

“The experience was extremely important to Charlie, Audrey and I,” said Andrew. “Our strategy meeting was a wonderful experience. It helped carve out the start of a philanthropic strategy that resonated with us – both collectively and individually – and that continues to amaze me.”

The meeting helped Andrew and his children determine that they would focus on the cause of education, and that they have an appetite to support new charities with untested programs.

It also became clear that Andrew and his children wanted to develop relationships over time with the organisations they supported, and that they did not want public recognition for their donations.

“I’m sure that we are really well positioned to support some great charities in Victoria now that we have a philanthropic strategy in place,” said Andrew. “I felt that without a philanthropic strategy there was the potential for our donations to end up being watered down and ultimately wasted.”

Andrew and his children now have a year to reflect on their philanthropic strategy while considering which charities might be the right fit for the direction they want for their giving.

If, like Andrew and his children, you would like to discuss where and how you’d like to give, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager directly or email and we will arrange a phone or video conference with you.