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The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation is investing in the future of health to ensure the best care possible for patients

An Australian-first smartphone app-based model of cardiac care has cut hospital readmissions in half thanks to seed funding from The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation.

It is just one example of how the Foundation – part of The Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, NSW – is leading a range of world-leading research that is changing lives.

Prince of Wales Hospital Cardiologist Dr Praveen Indraratna was first awarded funding for the development of the Total Cardiac Care research program to address the growing issue of high re-admission rates for cardiovascular patients. 

Dr Indraratna, Associate Professor Sze-Yuan Ooi, and Scientia Professor Nigel Lovell from the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering UNSW, developed the smartphone app-based model of care to help patients more effectively transition from hospital to home through real-time telemonitoring and education. 

It allows clinicians to make proactive patient interventions long after their discharge from hospital, reducing readmissions by 50% through improved cardiac rehabilitation and medication adherence. It also provides patients with peace of mind following a traumatic and life-changing experience.

“The funding from the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation helped realise our vision for a better experience for our patients,” Dr Indraratna said. 

“Now patients can champion their own health at home and improve their selfcare, whilst also receiving support from clinicians who can remotely detect early warning signs of cardiac problems. Thanks to the funding, we have developed a replicable model of care – one which can be used not just for treatment of other cardiac conditions, but for conditions such as COVID-19 and stroke.”  

Clinical trial participants have said it helps them feel in control and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

“It was a great comfort to see the readings, but also knowing that there was someone from the TCC team monitoring all,” one participant said.

Foundation CEO Robert Hohnen said the Foundation is focused on delivering better patient outcomes through innovative research and discovery.  

“Dr Indraratna and his colleagues have demonstrated through their research that healthcare management can be dramatically improved,” he said. “We are proud to have funded this innovative research to help change the future outlook for cardiac patients and their ongoing care.”

The Foundation is actively looking for philanthropic investors who have an interest in supporting future-ready healthcare for all, leveraging clinical expertise, new and emerging technologies and novel treatment options. 

The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation works with the community, corporate and philanthropic partners to advance clinical care and medical discovery through collaboration with the hospital and its network of globally renowned specialists. 

The Foundation works in partnership with the hospital with a clear mission: to ensure the community benefits from a thriving scalable healthcare service, supported by world-leading research and innovation.

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