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The Australian Land Conservation Alliance, fostering new leaders thanks to funding from the Albert George & Nancy Caroline Youngman Trust.

Climate change is rapidly changing the face of the planet and threatening the future, whilst at the same time we face the catastrophic decline of our natural environment. 

Australia’s carbon footprint must be reduced by three-quarters, while around one-third of land and sea must be permanently protected to restore the environment. 

These targets require co-ordination across different industries and between diverse stakeholders to preserve the state of our natural environment for the next generation.

Philanthropic funders are uniquely placed to fund cross sector collaboration. This will lead to shared solutions, and support early career pathways to develop the future leaders our planet needs.

Fostering the next generation of climate change and conservation leaders

Tackling such pervasive issues as climate change and the biodiversity crisis requires strong leaders to mobilise community efforts. While the climate change sector has attracted strong and passionate leaders, the broader conservation sector still needs a structured early career development program. 

The Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA) is developing a cross-sector internship program to change this situation by fostering new leaders thanks to funding from the Albert George & Nancy Caroline Youngman Trust.

“Funding is enabling ALCA to create a sector relevant platform that identifies and supports the brightest young people gaining high level entry opportunities into the sector,” Equity Trustees Granting Manager, Emily Cormack, said. 

“It will now also support the development of a Leadership Program that will build capabilities in our leaders and future leaders.”

Environmental leadership requires an increasingly wide set of skills given the growing interdependency between the environment and other sectors. The ALCA program will help build these skills, as well as the capability, empathy and attitudes needed to work with leaders from other sectors, business and government.

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