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If visiting all 100 UooUoos which form the Royal Children’s Hospital 150 Anniversary Art Trail is a little ambitious, then perhaps the Narrm mini trail is for you.

Including the Equity Trustees UooUoo, Rainbow Dreaming (Binbiyal Malamiya) the mini trail of eight UooUoos  features the incredible works and stories of eight First Nations artists, who used mixed media, graffiti and traditional painting techniques to create their unique and beautiful pieces which explore the concepts of culture, identity, family, animals and healing.

Equity Trustees was proud to support the Art Trail as a principal partner, and especially the development and design of the Narrm trail to highlight the works of First Nations artists.

Equity Trustees employees and their families in Melbourne have embraced the Art Trail (see pictures) so much that we’ve committed to purchasing our sculpture so it lives on, on display, after the Art trail concludes mid April 2021.

Learn more about Rainbow Dreaming, the artist Sharlee Dunolly-Lee and the ways Equity Trustees remains committed to the Royal Children’s Hospital at