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The inaugural Equity Trustees’ Cancer Research Travel Grants have been awarded to Mater Research PhD student Johanna Erbani and Research Officer Dr Kavita Bisht, providing them a unique opportunity to enhance their research projects.

A third year PhD student, Ms Erbani is part of the Stem Cells and Cancer Research Group lead by Associate Professor Ingrid Winkler.

Ms Erbani’s research involves looking into the role of Hematopoietic stem cells in promoting leukaemia resistance to chemotherapy. 

She is in Denmark attending the Stem Cell Niche Conference, to develop her knowledge of stem cell biology and collaborate with international leaders in her field. 

As part of the Stem Cell Biology Research Group led by Professor Jean-Pierre Levesque, Dr Kavita Bisht’s research focuses on improving the treatment strategies for stem cell mobilisation and transplantations required for patients with blood malignancies.

Dr Bisht will present her research at the American Society of Haematology in San Diego in December this year which will provide an opportunity for her to seek valuable feedback from her peers. 

The two grants—worth close to $5000 combined—form part of a broader partnership with Equity Trustees valued at $946 000 over three years, supporting a range of projects at Mater Research in areas of cancer, diabetes and children’s diseases.