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How to best navigate this challenging time and keep your philanthropy on track.

We've all felt the pressure, stress and struggle of 2020. Perhaps you've been connected to bushfire affected regions, worried about the welfare of a loved one or perhaps you're in lockdown for a second time and it just seems a bit more difficult this time around.

As many of you would be aware, the Australian for-purpose sector has faced its most challenging year in over a decade. Most charities are in the unfortunate position of rising demand on their services, particularly in areas like homelessness, joblessness, food insecurity, domestic violence and mental health just to name a few. This rising demand is occurring at the same time as their revenues are free-falling due to the cancellation of fundraising, regular givers unable to support or corporate sponsorships coming undone. This rise in demand and fall in revenue, puts many in the for-purpose sector in a precarious position.
This landscape raises interesting questions for philanthropists – how can we best support organisations in cause areas we’re passionate about?   You may not be surprised to hear that Equity Trustees believes it comes back to a giving strategy – the basecamp in your climb to the peak of your philanthropy.
But perhaps it’s about more than just strategy: 2020 has thrust us into an interesting position about how to balance immediate needs in a disaster, the recovery from a disaster or the general support of the charitable sector with your perhaps unrelated regular annual giving.
This month, we invite you to a webinar for our clients.

 Reaching the peak of your philanthropy will provide an overview how to get started with strategy, how to include disaster relief and how to observe wider contexts. We will review what a drop in overall fundraising revenue and a potential reduction in FY21 Foundation investment returns may mean for your donation choices this year.
We’ll also cover what sort of giving tools your family might like to implement to help navigate rocky areas of your climb to the peak – perhaps a matrix to help your family make regular and disaster relief granting decisions.
In times like this, the for-purpose sector looks to funders for understanding, flexibility and support and it’s critical that we understand how and where we are best placed to do so.

Join me, and my colleague Denise Cheng to hear perspectives on how to best navigate this challenging time and keep your philanthropy on track.

To register to attend, please click here:
Looking forward to seeing you online, 

Will Beresford