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We are financial powers of attorney for an elderly client, with early on-set dementia. Her main assistance was provided by her neighbours, who took take care of her and her property, which included show horses.

When she suffered an episode, I made an emergency call through our networks to an occupational therapist for an immediate health check and to have the client’s situation reassessed. Her case manager agreed she required more care, and we were all determined to enable her to stay in her own home. We were able to arrange with a family friend to pop in and help with her daily care and her neighbours continued looking after the horses and property.

The key to success is having a personal connection to the client. Yes we are trustees and money managers: but it’s more important to work out what the client wants and what’s in their best interests. Seeing my client remain in her own home with the extra care she needs – rather than being bundled off to a nursing home – is hugely rewarding and just makes me say ‘wow’ when I can help.


Katrina Harper

Trust Manager – Compensation Trusts