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August 16 – 22, 2021 is Brain Injury Awareness Week.

The theme for the week, ‘Every brain injury is different’ recognises the uniqueness of each injury and tells the stories of people and families impacted by brain injury across Australia. Our Health and Personal Injury team (check them out in this two minute video below) do an amazing job working with clients who live with brain injuries and their families and carers - so this week in August is particularly relevant to us and our business. 

We’re so proud to work with clients including JJ Melkman, Ruben and Lachlan to name a few (they are hard to forget) who live with brain injuries – and their amazing families and carers. If you haven't read their stories yet, please take the time to click through and read them now. 

Find out more about our Personal Injury Financial Services and  our Health and Personal Injury team 

Brain Injury Awareness Week