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Equity Trustees was recently appointed as investment manager and consultant for Bendigo Community Health Services (BCHS).

BCHS is a not-for-profit organisation working to provide communities throughout the Bendigo region with healthcare services for free or at minimal cost.

In addition to a network of GPs across four sites, BCHS also works in partnership with other health services across Central Victoria to cater to specialist needs, such as those living with chronic conditions including diabetes, respiratory issues and heart disease.

BCHS Board Chair Vicki Pearce said: “As a not-for-profit organisation who relies on funding and philanthropic opportunities to continue delivering the quality care our community deserves and has come to expect, it’s essential that we utilise every dollar that comes our way.”

She added that investment and philanthropic opportunities were going to become crucial to BCHS as competition for funding becomes more competitive.
“We were encouraged by the positive and proactive response from Equity Trustees to our tender process and having an organisation on board that has a Bendigo presence and a desire to help regional Victoria grow was very important to us.

“We now look forward to building a relationship with Equity Trustees and using their expertise to ensure all future investment and philanthropic opportunities are used to their full potential to ensure our services and care for the community can go to an even greater level.”

Commenting on the partnership, Darren Thompson, Head of Asset Management, Equity Trustees said the group would provide BCHS with a range of services, including investment advice and strategy, investment management and philanthropic services.

“Equity Trustees is delighted to have been appointed to work with BCHS,” he said. “Our ability to offer ESG-friendly investment solutions and experience of working with not-for-profit organisations made our proposition a sound fit with BCHS’s specialist needs.

“We recognise that BCHS must balance its funding sources prudently to ensure services can be maintained but can also grow to meet community needs. We aim to facilitate this through our investment strategy.”

Jodi Kennedy, General Manager, Charitable Trusts and Philanthropy, Equity Trustees said in addition to investment expertise, BCHS would also have access to a range of philanthropic expertise and services.

“Bendigo is a strong community and has a number of well-known local philanthropists from the past and as well as the present. We hope to work with BCHS to develop its approach to attracting philanthropic investment to support the important work it is doing to ensure a healthy, thriving region,” she said.