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Accommodation for younger people with disabilities

Australia has long recognised that residential aged care is not suitable for young people with disabilities, who have different needs to the elderly and require social contact with their peers.

Today, with the Australian government looking for ways to move young people from aged care into more appropriate housing, Willoughby Village is considering transforming one of its buildings into a group home for young people with disabilities.

Owned and operated by Willoughby Retirement Community Association (WRCA), Willoughby Village was established in 1971 to provide for the accommodation, care and welfare of seniors within the city of Willoughby. 

The WRCA Board is looking into how a residential house alongside its assisted care hostel could offer additional services or accommodation for the Willoughby community, with one possibility being a group home for people with disabilities.  

The issue of younger people being housed in aged care facilities was raised by the Royal Commission into the sector last year, which said in its interim report in October 2019 a key priority is to stop the flow of younger people with disability going into aged care, and hastening the exit of those already there.
In March 2019 the Federal Government released the Younger People in Residential Aged Care Action Plan, which aims to help people under 45 years to find alternative, age appropriate housing and support by 2022 if they wish, and do the same for those under 65 years by 2025. 
It also aims to halve the number of younger people aged under 65 years entering aged care by 2025. 

Those tailwinds mean the timing is ripe for WRCA to engage all levels of government and private organisations to secure financial sponsorship for this project.

Willoughby Retirement Community Association is proudly supported by Equity Trustees.

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