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New year financial resolutions are common at this time of year, but one overlooked yet important action to take is to sort out Wills and estate plans, says Anna Hacker, National Manager – Estate Planning at Equity Trustees.

“A fresh new year may seem like a strange time to be thinking about Wills, but it’s actually a good time to tick this item off your ‘To Do’ list.

“If you don’t yet have a Will, then it’s a good time to get it sorted.  It’s not something that can continually be put off for “one day” – unfortunately no-one knows precisely when an estate plan will be needed therefore doing it now is the only sensible option.

“It doesn’t matter how rich you are or even how young you are - anyone who has children, is a member of a superannuation fund or who owns their own home should have an estate plan. Choosing to do nothing is something that your loved ones may end up regretting in the future.

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