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Equity Trustees has implemented wide ranging changes to their superannuation trustee services business, which is currently trustee for a number of superannuation funds, to position the business for growth.

This includes significant development of the already solid working partnership with the KPMG Executive Superannuation Fund to enable both businesses to maximise operational efficiency and service to members of all funds.

“Our ambition is to be the superannuation trustee of choice and with the enhancements to our capabilities combined with the financial strength of Equity Trustees, we are well placed to assert our position  in the market place,”  said Geoffory Rimmer, Executive General Manager, Trustee & Wealth Services. “Since 1888 Equity Trustees has been entrusted with the preservation, growth and inter-generational management of wealth. Superannuation trustee services are a critical part of that equation.”

Read the full Media Release here.