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safeguarding your assets to maintain your legacy

A trust is a legal agreement between you and a trusted person, or organisation, to hold assets such as cash, real estate and other investments for the benefit of someone else.

A trust can be used to support a charity, to protect assets until a child reaches a specified age or to provide income for family after your death.

As well as protecting assets, trusts can offer valuable tax planning advantages.

Is a trust right for you?

There are many different reasons to establish a trust:

  • Do you have complex assets that require professional stewardship?
  • Do you have a family member who is unable to manage their affairs due to intellectual impairment or addiction?
  • Do you have a family member who is at risk of divorce, bankruptcy or litigation?
  • Are you part of a blended family?
  • Are you interested in tax savings for your beneficiaries?
  • Would you like to support charitable causes now or as part of your estate?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, we recommend seeking advice regarding establishing a trust.

role of a trustee

A trustee is a person or company, who manages the trust and is the legal owner of the trust assets. Trustees have a duty to carry out the terms of the trust, act in the best interests of all beneficiaries, and avoid conflicts of interest or resolve them if they arise. Above all, a trustee must be impartial and prudent. Find out more about the obligations and responsibilities of a trustee.

There are many different types of trusts that we can establish and manage for you, each of which serves a specific purpose:

Types of Trusts

  • FamilyTrusts

    Family Trusts

    Family Trust is usually established during your lifetime to protect your family's assets or a business. There may also be tax benefits arising from setting up a Family Trust.

  • SuperTrustee

    Super Proceeds Trust

    Super Proceeds Trust is established using superannuation death benefits. It is created as part of an Estate Plan to manage these funds for minor beneficiaries instead of them receiving death benefits as a lump sum.

  • DisabilityTrusts

    Special Disability Trusts

    Special Disability Trust is created by parents, guardians or close family members to support the present and future needs of a person with a severe disability.

  • CompensationTrusts

    Compensation Trusts

    A Compensation Trust is usually created under a court order when funds have been paid to a person as compensation for an injury.

  • MinorTrusts

    Minor's Trusts

    A Minor's Trust is set up to manage and protect the assets of a child until they come of age. This may include assets they have inherited.

  • CharitableGiving

    Charitable Trusts

    Charitable Trusts have the sole purpose of benefiting a particular charity or group of charities on a regular basis. They can be established during your lifetime or as part of your Will.

Why appoint us?

Administering a trust is complex and onerous. By appointing Equity Trustees as trustee, you’re putting the trust you establish in the safe and capable hands of Australia’s leading provider of trustee services.

We do it all ourselves. We perform all of our trustee functions in-house, with our own investment advisers, tax specialists, and lawyers working together to assist beneficiaries and manage trust assets.

With 130 years of experience in trust and estate management, you can count on us to do what is best for you and your legacy.

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    Licensed to provide trustee services

    Equity Trustees is a licensed trustee company, regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).  We adhere to ASIC standards of corporate governance, maintaining capital requirements, insurance, separation of corporate and client assets, and statutory duties of care.

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    Personalised Service

    Every trust that we manage has a dedicated trust manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the trust as well as building relationships with beneficiaries.
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    Checks and Balances

    To ensure objectivity, impartiality and integrity, all significant discretionary decision-making relating to the trust is undertaken at a committee level. Our committees comprise a cross-section of highly knowledgeable and experienced senior staff. 
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    Prudent Money Management

    Our investment philosophy is prudent with long-term growth objectives. We ensure that trust assets are managed in accordance with beneficiary circumstances, the need for diversification as well as the appropriate level of risk and tax minimisation.