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We know that injuries incurred as a result of an accident or medical negligence can be devastating to the victim as well as their family. That's why, when choosing a professional partner to manage your compensation payments, it’s important to choose someone you can not only trust but rely on to be there when a helping hand is needed.

An experienced partner you can count on

Equity Trustees has a highly skilled and experienced Health and Personal Injury team to support people who have been awarded compensation for injuries. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of care for our clients – whatever our clients’ goals, we’re always there to help them get to where they want to be.

Currently we manage $370m on behalf of 150 clients who are under a legal disability. Company-wide, we manage over $40b on behalf of corporate and private clients.

Empathy and collaboration the heart of our approach

We strongly believe that the best outcomes are achieved when we partner not only with the client but with the people who know and love them best: their family and carers. We consult our clients’ support network to inform decision-making, while keeping our client’s best interests front of mind at all times.

We understand that every client has a unique set of circumstances and requirements and recognise that these can change over time, so we make sure we ‘check in’ as required and adapt our service to accommodate any changing needs. We’re prepared to go the extra mile and provide additional assistance or support where it’s needed. Above all, our service is guided by empathy and respect, with our client’s goals and quality of life as our top priority.

Client Relationship Managers: Treating our clients as individuals

As part of our personalised approach, we assign a dedicated Client Relationship Manager to each of our clients. Your Client Relationship Manager will be a familiar face who will work with you to create a tailored finance strategy, keep affairs in order and ensure you or your loved one is comfortable and well-cared for. Our Client Relationship Managers take the time to understand their client’s needs and settle into a rhythm and routine that works for them

What does a client relationship manager do?

Among other things -
  • Assesses the client's needs and meets with their friends and family.
  • Monitors and pays all expenses and debts, including making remittances to bank accounts and lodging tax returns.
  • Records and reports accurate transactions to the relevant State trustee/tribunal.
  • Makes arrangements for the purchase of real estate and/or motor vehicles.
  • Organises health insurance and co-ordinates the client’s care with healthcare professionals.
  • Informs relevant authorities (e.g. Centrelink, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Australian Taxation Office) of any changes in circumstances.

  • Ensures the security of all important documents (e.g. Will and title documents).

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