The Managed Investments Act of 1998 mandated the provision of a Responsible Entity (RE) as the fiduciary registered Managed Investment Schemes (MIS).  That makes the choice of RE is a critical decision.

Choosing the right RE helps protect investors while allowing investment managers to concentrate on the business of choosing and managing investments. 

Equity Trustees relieves investment managers of the day to day responsibilities of  managing the regulatory and compliance obligations as well as give investors another reason to have full confidence that their investment is being managed to the highest standards.

Accountable and independent 
As Australia’s leading independent, specialist fiduciary, means diminishing any possibility of perceived conflict of interest; our role is to make decisions in the best interests of the investor..

Experienced compliance teams
Through our experienced compliance and legal teams, our specialised expertise to ensures every fund, regardless of its complexity, is fully compliant with the relevant regulations.

Comprehensive services
Our seamless service model and comprehensive industry connections delivers a full service partnership.

Expert care and diligence
We have a long standing reputation for care and diligence as a leading Specialist professional trustee; We apply these qualities to our service to fund managers (and their investors) wherever they are.


What we do

  • Prepare the scheme constitution
  • Oversee fund registrations
  • Issue disclosure documents
  • Platform listings and distribution support
  •  Establish the compliance plan
  • Appoint and monitor external service providers including Custodian,
    Administrator, Investment Manager and Tax Adviser
  •  Conduct regulatory reporting and lodgements
  •  Established Compliance Committee
  •  Established member complaints resolution process
  • Appoint a scheme and compliance plan auditor