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The Fund provides exposure to an actively-managed portfolio of global securities, primarily through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on international stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.
The ETFs are predominantly sector and industry based, providing investors with access to areas not well represented on the Australian share market such as technology, cyber-security, medical devices, and robotics.

Global equity ETFs provide an efficient, low-cost way for investors to gain access to global equity investment opportunities and growth sectors.

The Fund is designed for investors with a high risk tolerance seeking medium to long-term capital growth potential, coupled with an increasing income stream payable from the dividends of the underlying securities and ETFs. 

Features and benefits of investing in the fund

The potential to provide medium to long-term value by identifying industries and sectors with long-term capital and income growth prospects.
Provides diversification into global industries and sectors, including new industries that are under-represented on the Australian Stock Exchange.
The potential to deliver lower volatility in returns relative to more concentrated funds that invest in individual stocks, due to the lower stock specific risk that ETFs provide.
 3.75 Star “Favourable” Rating by Asset Consultant SQM

Fund Objective The Fund’s investment objective is to deliver gross performance (less fees) above the benchmark over rolling three-year periods.
Benchmark MSCI ACWI ex Australia (unhedged)
No of ETFs 5 -15 industry specific
Pricing & Liquidity Daily
Distribution Semi-Annual 
Fund Inception 01 July 2021
Management Fee 0.90%
Minimum Investment $5,000
Fund Size $100.6M

Meet the Eight Bays Investment Management Team

  • George Clapham

    George Clapham
    Portfolio Manager

    BAgEc; Finsia (Affiliate)

    George has more than 36 years of investment experience including managing long only, long/short equity and global equity portfolios. Before joining EightBays Investment Management, George was Head of Equities and Managing Partner of Arnhem Investment Management, ABN Amro Asset Management. Prior to that, he spent 16 years at Bankers Trust Australia where he was head of Equity Research.

    Joined EightBays Investment Management: September 2019

  • Charles Cropper

    Charles Cropper
    Portfolio Manager

    B.Ec and LL.B

    Charles has previously worked in intellectual property and business development in the medical devices sector, and as a project manager for Japanese multinational Itochu. He has also owned and operated rural interests in Australia for more than 20 years, and managed private and related family investments in Australian and international equities.

    Joined EightBays Investment Management: September 2019

  • Richard Newton

    Richard Newton
    Portfolio Manager

    B.A.; B.Ec

    Richard has more than 34 years of experience in the Australian and international equity markets, having worked in Sydney, Hong Kong, and London throughout his career. Richard was instrumental in founding EightBays Investment Management, before which he was Managing Director at JP Morgan Australia and held several senior roles including Head of Australian and NZ Equity Syndicate during his 17 year tenure.

    Joined EightBays Investment Management: September 2019