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A Perpetual Charitable Trust (PCT) is a wonderful way to support charities, charitable causes, scholarships and awards in perpetuity. It is a very personal form of structured giving, and can be named after yourself, your family or even in the memory of someone you loved or admired within your will.  

Using the benefit of a perpetual investment horizon (see Harry Moss case study below), a PCT invested over time will bring significant ongoing community contributions to causes you care deeply about.

A PCT offers flexibility in terms of the types of assistance it can provide. Grants can b made to charities, individuals in need or as part of a scholarship fund.

Case Study

The Robert Hicks Foundation

The Robert Hicks Foundation was established when Robert Hicks died in 2009 and is now valued at $22.4 million. Robert was a successful famer who had substantial land holdings in Caramut in Western Victoria.  In his Will, Robert’s preference was to fund the “preservation of the natural environment, including current issues and concerns relating to climate change, agriculture, erosion and salinity levels.”

The Foundation has distributed a total of $2.4 million since it was established, in annual granting cycles managed by Equity Trustees. Mindful of Robert’s forward-thinking intentions about climate change and preserving the environment, the Hicks Foundation is the sole supporter of Climate Action Network Australia’s Small Grants Scheme, whose over-arching objective is to support grassroots organisations working in communities to accelerate the energy transformation as we reduce Australia’s emissions to zero and beyond.