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We respect indigenous communities and culture

We recognise the close and ancient connection that our First Australians have to their land and respect the tireless efforts of Elders past and present to secure legal recognition of their traditional ownership.

We understand that where compensation and wealth is provided to communities, it is often due to the tireless efforts of these Elders and is received as compensation for the use and exploitation of traditional country.

We are unique in that we offer trustee and wealth management services and advice tailored to the needs of each community. We offer bundled trustee and investment manager services as well as (unbundled) trustee-only or investment-only assistance. We also help our communities understand complex trust and wealth management concepts and in doing so, empower Indigenous and other community organisations to achieve their aspirations to be their own trustee.

How we maximise impact

  • Targeted trust distributions. Distributing trust income in line with the trust';s objectives as well as community benefit
  • Social impact investing. Where the size and deed of the trust permit, we investigate opportunities for Aboriginal economic development projects.
  • Leveraging other available funding sources. We identify comparable funding streams to draw on, such as government funding programs, lotteries, other trusts and not-for-profit orginisations.
  • Providing access to financial services education and training.
  • Providing access to estate planning services
  • Why work with us?

    To us, being a trustee means entering into a partnership. We work together with Indigenous communities and their representative organisations to ensure that community wealth is preserved and the benefits distributed equitably to community members as well as maintained for future generations.

    We believe in empowering our client Indigenous communities to take control of their wealth. We achieve this by actively developing their understanding of trust structures and investment matters to help them make informed decisions about their wealth. We also assist Indigenous representative organisations, identified by our client beneficiaries as potential future trustees and/or wealth managers, to build their own capacity so they can transition into these roles over time.

    In other words, we do more than simply deliver a straightforward trustee and wealth management service. We treat each case as a valuable opportunity to improve economic and social outcomes for our client Indigenous communities.

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    We distribute more than $80m in grants to charities and organisations every year, one of which is the Noongar Charitable Trust (NCT). 
    NCT was established to provide the Indigenous Noongar community with relief from poverty, sickness, destitution, misfortune and helplessness.
    The Trust provides funding for projects run by Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations that offer a direct and noticeable benefit to the Noongar community.

    Take a look at our Innovate Reconciliation Action 2020 - 2022

    Read our Snapshot publications here.

    Our Snapshots provide highlights of how we've worked alongside our Indigenous communities in our work, projects through our philanthropic granting and our corporate partnerships.

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