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Public Ancillary Fund – Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation

Initial donation: $20,000

With less investment required than other funds and with the ability to establish your clients sub-fund immediately, Equity Trustees can act as Trustee and manage the investment, governance, and administration of their sub-fund.

All your client, as the donor, has to do is notify Equity Trustees about the charitable organisations or projects they wish to support each year.

A sub-fund with the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation is also an excellent way to involve younger family members in charitable giving. It can continue on past your clients lifetime and is an ideal way to demonstrate  family values and develop a sense of community

Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation case study

One of the sub-funds with the Equity Trustees Charitable Foundation focuses on funding music programs in partnership with Ardoch Youth Foundation.

The donor, Andrew Robison funds music and guitar programs in select primary schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas across Melbourne.

"Many of the children involved in the program come from newly-arrived migrant or refugee families who do not have the funds for 'extras' such as guitars or weekly music lessons," Andrew said

"It is a great pleasure to give disadvantaged kids the chance to experience the joy that playing music brings."